The Imperfect Shot

Shooting Excuses, Gaffes and Blunders

J. C. Jeremy Hobson



ISBN: 9781846892080


CATEGORY: Gifts and History

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 152 pages

'Have I remembered everything?'
'What shall I wear?'
'Who am I likely to be shooting alongside?'
'Will the dog behave?'
'Will the birds be there?'

These are all questions that might keep the Gun, the picker-up, the keeper and anyone else connected with a day's game shooting awake the night before a much anticipated day.

'Why did I say that?'
'Why did I do that?'
'Why did my dog do that?'
'Why did I think about the weather?'
'What was I thinking?'

These are all questions one might ask oneself the evening after!

Fortunately, you are not alone in your nightmares! If you've ever encountered a particular incident or experience on the shooting field, whether it be a formal day, or as a rough shoot with a couple of friends, it's a fairly safe bet that others will have it too.

The Imperfect Shot illustrates in words and cartoons, light-hearted errors and ill-judgment of those who have experienced minor faux pas and misdemeanours on the shooting field — and also glorifies those who have got the better of a particular situation!

There are, among its pages, real pearls of wisdom; there is, though, much advice written somewhat 'tongue-in-cheek'. All immediately bring a mental picture to mind.

A mental picture is not, however, required. The illustrations, brought to life by renowned country and field sports artist, Oliver Preston — himself a shooting man of no ill-repute — has negated the need for the cry which otherwise might go out: 'Oh, if only I had a camera!' As if the situation was not clear enough, Oliver adds more.

Some tales might, of course be apocryphal — and I'll leave it for the reader to decide which they might be!

Meet the author J. C. Jeremy Hobson

A professional freelance writer, author and journalist for almost two decades, Jeremy Hobson’s subject matter is generally rural-based, on field sports; farming; smallholdings; chicken-keeping and working dogs.

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