Equestrian (Kenilworth Press)

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Kenilworth Press is the leading publisher of equestrian books covering a myriad of subjects, including polo, show jumping, dressage, eventing, classical riding, horse health and care, alternative horse health, as well as being the exclusive publisher for the training manuals for British Horse Society and the exclusive distributor for The Pony Club.

We are also pleased to bring you a fantastic range of equestrian titles from American publisher Trafalgar Square Books.

Equestrian (Kenilworth Press)

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    Training to Win

    Caroline Moore


    The Training Spiral

    Sue Grice


    A Horse by Nature

    Mary Ann Simonds


    Dressage for the Not-So-Perfect Horse

    Janet Foy


    Arena Tracks

    Christian Baier


    Partnering Your Horse

    Susan McBane
    Maggie Raynor


    The Sport Horse Problem Solver

    Eric Smiley


    Shoeing the Modern Horse

    Steven Kraus
    Katie Navarra


    The Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke

    Sean Patrick


    For the Love of the Horse

    Mark Rashid


    Penelope Rides Again

    Norman Thelwell


    Life with Horses Is Never Orderly

    Morgane Schmidt


Showing 1–12 of 202 results

Products Per Page