Whether you’re looking to try something new or have been loyal to crafting your whole life, this vast array of titles will engage your creativity and guide the way!

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    Scandinavian-Style Christmas Knits

    Thea Rytter


    Plain Weave

    Tina Ignell


    Norwegian Sweaters and Jackets

    Kari Hestnes


    Vivian Hoxbro’s Knitting Handbook

    Vivian Høxbro


    Traditional Nordic Knits

    Johanna Wallin


    Icelandic Mittens

    GuÐrún Hannele Henttinen


    Crochet for Every Day

    May Britt Bjella Zamori


    Norwegian Mittens & Gloves

    Annemor Sundbø


    The Weaving Handbook

    Åsa Pärson
    Amica Sundström


    Jorid Linvik’s Big Book of Christmas Knits

    Jorid Linvik


    Knits from Around Norway

    Nina Granlund Sæther


    Maja’s Swedish Socks

    Maja Karlsson


Showing 1–12 of 27 results

Products Per Page