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Snifters at Tottering Hall

Annie Tempest


David Shepherd

J. C. Jeremy Hobson


Grid Pro Quo

Margaret Rizzo McKelvy


The Working Equitation Training Manual

Ali Kermeen


Vivian Hoxbro’s Knitting Handbook

Vivian Høxbro


Essential Horse Speak: Continuing the Conversation

Sharon Wilsie


Plain Weave

Tina Ignell


Beyond The Pavilion

Barry Knight
Andrew Leeming


Law and Licensing

Bill Harriman


A Guide to the Deer of the World

Charles Smith-Jones


Riders of a Certain Age

Fran Severn


Stretch Exercises for Horses

Jean-Michel Boudard


Game Shooting: An Illustrated History

David S. D. Jones


The Athletic Equestrian

Sally Batton
Christina Keim


Land of Milk and Honey

Jamie Blackett


Training the Working Labrador

Jeremy Hunt


Judging Hunters and Hunter Seat Equitation

Anna Jane White-Mullin


Merely A Rider

Anneli Drummond-Hay
Martha Terry


Traditional Nordic Knits

Johanna Wallin


True to the Line

Adrian Dangar


The Countryman

Johnny Scott


Crochet for Every Day

May Britt Bjella Zamori


Icelandic Mittens

GuÐrún Hannele Henttinen


The Gates to Brilliance

Gates of Brilliance


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