About us

Quiller Publishing Ltd is an independent publisher which was founded in 2001 by Andrew Johnston.

Quiller Publishing has two imprints, Quiller for our general list and Kenilworth Press for our equestrian titles.

Over the years, Quiller Publishing has been built into an extremely well-respected publishing company, focusing originally on country sporting subjects and, in recent years, diversifying into lifestyle titles along with a number of noted and highly regarded biographies and autobiographies.

Our ethos has always been to publish books with high production values that will stand the test of time, and as a result we have a large, extremely successful and solid backlist. Our titles are written by extremely talented and knowledgeable authors who are widely acclaimed as experts in their specialist field, and Quiller’s strength lies in the strong bond that is built between us and these authors. 

Kenilworth Press is the exclusive publisher for the British Horse Society training manuals and is the distributor for The Pony Club’s Manual of Horsemanship.

In addition, Quiller Publishing is the UK distributor for US publishers Rowman and Littlefield and Trafalgar Square Books.

Quiller Publishing also offers private and corporate publishing for those seeking an individual and tailored publication.


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