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A Guide to the Deer of the World

Charles Smith-Jones


Law and Licensing

Bill Harriman


Plain Weave

Tina Ignell


Grid Pro Quo

Margaret Rizzo McKelvy


Essential Horse Speak: Continuing the Conversation

Sharon Wilsie


The Working Equitation Training Manual

Ali Kermeen


Vivian Hoxbro’s Knitting Handbook

Vivian Høxbro


Norwegian Sweaters and Jackets

Kari Hestnes


Beyond The Pavilion

Barry Knight
Andrew Leeming


Snifters at Tottering Hall

Annie Tempest


David Shepherd

J. C. Jeremy Hobson


Penelope Rides Again

Norman Thelwell


Peter Scott and the Birth of Modern Conservation

Chris Moore


For the Love of the Horse

Mark Rashid


Scandinavian-Style Christmas Knits

Thea Rytter


The Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke

Sean Patrick


Wild Mittens Unruly Socks 3

Lumi Karmitsa


The Kid’s Guide to Horsemanship and Grooming

Cat Hill
Emma Ford


Ultimate Exercise Routines for Riders

Laura Crump Anderson


Barking Mad

Tom Quinn
Nicola L. Robinson


Never Trust a Sneaky Pony

Madison Seamans


A Horse by Nature

Mary Ann Simonds



Alexander Lebedev


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