Scandinavian Style Easter Knits

Ornaments and Decorations for a Nordic Holiday

Thea Rytter



ISBN: 9781646011445

PUBLICATION DATE: January 14, 2023


BINDING: Paperback


Invite light, warmth, and the freshness of spring into your home in time for Easter! Designer Thea Rytter, a fan favorite for her beautifully subtle color palettes and undeniable creativity, is back with a brand-new selection of decorations, ornaments, and more—including both well-known Easter classics such as colorful eggs and fluffy hares, and fun, festive springtime designs for flowers, feathers, and a sweet, soft friend or two. Welcome the season in style, with cozy, charming, characteristically Norwegian Easter knits.

- Start small and work your way up: quick single-color patterns keep it simple for beginners, and wrapped-yarn projects like birds and feathers are perfect for kids
- Once you've mastered the basic patterns for eggs, flowers, and miniature birds—shake things up with color changes, beads, embroidery, and more!
- Step-by-step instructions, full-color photographs, and additional guidance for techniques like short-row shaping, to guide knitters who've never tackled them before.

Meet the author Thea Rytter

Thea Rytter is behind VaskavullaKnit, where she designs knitting patterns that everyone can use. She conveys creative joy through Instagram and her innovative workshops, and works as an editor at the magazine Marie’s Ideas.

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