Hot Barrels!

Shooting Superstition, Facts and Fallacies

J. C. Jeremy Hobson



ISBN: 9781846892462

PUBLICATION DATE: August 17, 2017

CATEGORY: Gifts and History

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 192 pages

Anyone who has been at all involved in game shooting for any length of time will, over the years, have undoubtedly gained a great deal of knowledge regarding how to shoot a high pheasant, train a gun dog, use ‘best practice’ incubation techniques and run a shooting day with expertise. Tried and tested, such knowledge is proven and sound, but have you ever had cause to ponder on some of the lesser known realities and possible myths connected to many other aspects of the sport?

Ponder no more for, in this book can be found the answers to almost any and every shoot day-related question that you’ve ever wanted to know. Within its covers are exposed the superstitions of some game shots and keepers; commonly held beliefs explained; ‘facts’ declared fallacies and, conversely, theories that might, on first hearing, seem somewhat suspect, given credence as a result of scientific research.

Can, for instance, a grouse fly faster than a partridge? Is it that, as it seems, a pheasant’s hearing becomes more astute as the shooting season progresses — and could, as has often been claimed, a pheasant on the south coast of England during World War One have actually heard the sounds of military fire many miles away across the English Channel?

Why was Napoleon once chased by rabbits and why might today’s gamekeepers be interested to know of an Act passed by Henry VIII in 1566? Keepers and shoot captains alike will certainly be interested to read as to whether or not it’s true that some strains of pheasants are more likely to wander over the boundary than others, whilst those with dogs will want to know if, as is sometimes claimed, ‘a good gun dog can ever be a bad colour’.

The truth behind the origins of some items of sporting clothing are explained, as are the reasons why one should never say goodbye to fellow Guns whilst standing on a bridge! In amongst it all, much mention is made of general rural life and weather lore. As to the latter, it seems that it’s more worthwhile taking note of some of the old sayings than it is modern weather forecasters —particularly when attempting to shoot snipe in winter, or pigeons in the fog.

There’s no doubt that this, at times, somewhat quirky tome will be of widespread interest to all who love being out in the shooting field at no matter what level. Well researched, and with outstanding tongue-in-cheek illustrations from the incredibly talented Bryn Parry, Hot Barrels! is sure to inform, amuse, entertain and educate.

Meet the author J. C. Jeremy Hobson

A professional freelance writer, author and journalist for almost two decades, Jeremy Hobson’s subject matter is generally rural-based, on field sports; farming; smallholdings; chicken-keeping and working dogs.

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