The Keen Countryman’s Miscellany

Peter Holt



ISBN: 9781846891205


CATEGORY: Country Matters, Environmentalism and Farming

BINDING: Hardback


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The Keen Countryman's Miscellany provides a selection of entries about everything that the true countryman — or woman — would like to know. Here you will find all things rural, from profiles of great farmers through history such as Thomas Coke and King George III to snippets about wood-burning stoves, vermin control, hedge-laying and wildcat sightings.

Readers with a schoolboy mentality will enjoy pieces on rules for conducting a proper snowball fight. Fishermen will find items on subjects such as why women catch the biggest salmon, while for the more socially-minded there is a list of typical country dinner party conversational topics.

Other gems include include instructions on how to make a hazel walking-stick, a catalogue of racing trainers' excuses and an inventory of wine that no self-respecting country house cellar should be without.

Packed with a gloriously random selection of rustic ephemera, this little volume is the perfect gift for the countryman with an enquiring mind and a sense of humour.

In stock

Meet the author Peter Holt

Peter Holt is a former Fleet Street gossip columnist who spent much of his career writing a rock music column for the London Evening Standard during the 1980s. These days he manages his family property in Shropshire.

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