Servants of the Lord

Outdoor Staff at the Great Country Houses

David S. D. Jones

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ISBN: 9781846892479

PUBLICATION DATE: September 21, 2017

CATEGORY: Country Interests

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 192 pages

David Jones presents a unique look into the lives, roles and responsibilities of the outdoor staff of the great country houses during the golden age of Queen Victoria's reign to World War 1.

Through his meticulous research of estate records, biographical works, private diaries and from many other sources a fascinating and comprehensive insight is given into the relatively unexplored subject of the outdoor staff, despite them being the backbone to the sustainability of the great estates. These roles have been neglected both by book and journal over the years as much has been written about indoor servants, but in this well researched and fascinating book untold stories of hermits; gardeners; postillions; gamekeepers and many more are documented.
Beautifully illustrated with many rare and unpublished period photographs together with historic documents from the authors private collection. A must read for anyone interested in family and social history and country house/estate life in a bygone era.

Meet the author David S. D. Jones

David S D Jones has been an archivist and historian for the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation for over a decade. He is descended from a long line of outdoor servants employed on country estates throughout England and Wales and numbers amongst his ancestors and relatives gamekeepers; hunt servants; gardeners; grooms; woodmen; farm workers; land agents and more. He owns the Gamekeeping Photographic Archive and the David S D Jones Photographic Collection.

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