Selbu Patterns

Discover the Rich History of a Norwegian Knitting Tradition with Over 400 Charts and Classic Designs for Socks, Hats & Sweaters

Anne Bardsgard



ISBN: 9781646010882

PUBLICATION DATE: November 14, 2021


BINDING: Hardback


Anne Bårdsgård grew up in Selbu and has always had a close relationship with her hometown and its rich knitting history—her relentless interest in the traditional mittens that made Selbu famous worldwide became the groundwork for her first book, the stunning all-in-one historical reference, design compendium and mitten pattern guide Selbu Mittens.

Now she’s back to delve into the wider realm of sweaters, cardigans, socks, and hats with this companion collection: over 450 motifs that can be adapted and combined using any of the foundational garment patterns included, based on extensive and thorough documentation of photographs, drawings, and preserved samples of historical knitted items from Selbu.

The result is a unique and unequaled look into the traditional knitting culture of the Selbu region—and an endlessly inspiring pattern resource.

Meet the author Anne Bardsgard

Anne Barsgard is a handcrafting expert who studied textiles at the State College for Arts and Crafts in Bergen, Norway. She has held several solo exhibitions, in addition to participating in group exhibitions both in Norway and around the world. Her work has been purchased by the Norwegian Art Industry Museum, the Norwegian Cultural Council and more. She grew up in Selbu.

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