Selbu Mittens

Discover the Rich History of a Norwegian Knitting Tradition with Over 500 Charts and 35 Classic Patterns

Anne Bardsgard



ISBN: 9781570769474



BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 296 pages

Selbu mittens are well known all over the world, instantly recognisable for their dramatic contrasts and intricate motifs. But where do they come from? Who makes them, and how? What defines a true “Selbu mitten”, and why?

Now the answers are at your fingertips, compiled into the ultimate compendium for any Norwegian mitten enthusiast. This gorgeous and inspiring resource was produced in conjunction with a one-of-kind exhibition of hand-knitted gloves and mittens from Selbu at the Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum.

A thoroughly-researched and illustrated account of the rich history of Selbu patterning covers the development of the designs themselves, and the essential role these knitted accessories have played in the cultural and economic development of the Selbu region. Dive into pages upon pages of over 500 colour-work charts, organised according to the source of their inspiration, from classic stars, snowflakes, and flowers to elk, spiders and coffee beans.

Complete patterns are included for 35 mittens and gloves from the original museum collection, accompanied by short biographies of the original designers—or choose from an overflowing selection of motifs for palms, thumbs, cuffs, and even patterned edging techniques for joining around the hand, to create endlessly fascinating combinations.

Meet the author Anne Bardsgard

Anne Barsgard is a handcrafting expert who studied textiles at the State College for Arts and Crafts in Bergen, Norway. She has held several solo exhibitions, in addition to participating in group exhibitions both in Norway and around the world. Her work has been purchased by the Norwegian Art Industry Museum, the Norwegian Cultural Council and more. She grew up in Selbu.

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