Practical Deer Management

Charles Smith-Jones



ISBN: 9781846892998



BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 228 pages

Also available as: Ebook


There are probably more deer in the United Kingdom now than there have been in the past thousand years. As they have increased in numbers and distribution so, too, have the issues associated with them.

Practical Deer Management offers candid and comprehensive advice for anyone who has to deal with deer and the issues they present, be they gardeners suffering attacks on their flower beds, foresters looking to prevent damage to newly planted trees, or landowners with larger scale problems.

While a wealth of information on deer exists already, a career in teaching countryside managers quickly made it apparent that there was a need for a straightforward and comprehensive volume that is accessible to all. Written to be clear and easily understood, Practical Deer Management looks at the deer themselves and suggests non-lethal protective measures in addition to more active management, with attention given to other considerations such as health, the law and the practical construction of infrastructure such as high seats. A humane approach is stressed throughout.

Practical Deer Management is an essential handbook for anyone who has to deal with deer and the problems that they may present.


Meet the author Charles Smith-Jones

A lifelong naturalist and countryman, Charles Smith-Jones has always had a special interest in deer which he has studied and worked with closely for more than forty years. Previously a lecturer in countryside management at Sparsholt College, Hampshire, he is currently Technical Adviser to the British Deer Society. He has written four books, three of them specifically on deer, and is a regular contributor to national countryside publications.

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