A Guide to the Deer of the World

Charles Smith-Jones



ISBN: 9781846893629



BINDING: Hardback


Also available as: Ebook


'this tour de force is an authoritative, attractive, accessible and comprehensive guide...this is a must-have book for every serious deer enthusiast.' - British Deer Society Journal

'Packed with information, key aspects of each deer species' biology are laid out in a clear and accessible format, and even the rarest species are beautifully illustrated.' - Evolve, Natural History Museum

A Guide to the Deer of the World is a long-overdue review of deer as we understand them today and includes several species which have only recently become known to science. Writing for a wide readership in a straightforward and easily accessible style, Charles Smith-Jones has produced an authoritative and attractive reference work with a strong conservation focus.

Lavishly illustrated throughout in colour, the guide looks at deer evolution, biology and lifestyles in general before covering each of the fifty-five true deer, seven musk deer and ten chevrotain species as well as their subspecies in more detail with photographs, general information and distribution maps. In addition, there are fact boxes which include descriptions of individual recognition features, habitats, behaviour, breeding and conservation issues for each member of this widely diverse and fascinating group of animals. Forming an iconic and important part of almost all the world’s ecosystems, many of the species featured are elusive and only very rarely photographed or observed. Any areas of taxonomical confusion and ongoing discussion are highlighted in readily understandable terms.

This book will have a valued place in the library or on the coffee table of any nature lover or deer enthusiast.


Meet the author Charles Smith-Jones

A lifelong naturalist and countryman, Charles Smith-Jones has always had a special interest in deer which he has studied and worked with closely for more than forty years. Previously a lecturer in countryside management at Sparsholt College, Hampshire, he is currently Technical Adviser to the British Deer Society. He has written five books, four of them specifically about deer, and is a regular contributor to national countryside publications.

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