Great Angling Disasters

Tom Quinn



ISBN: 9781846892417

PUBLICATION DATE: August 16, 2017

CATEGORY: Gifts, Humour and Art

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 192 pages

Also available as: Ebook

A unique collection of fishing stories from the past 200 years that prove that when it comes to fishing, things can and often do go hilariously wrong. From stories of record breakers that got away to boats that sank, rods that broke and pike and salmon that ran amok, Great Angling Disasters is the ultimate chronicle of those less than triumphant days on the riverbank. For everyone interested in fishing with rod and line whether they are game, coarse or sea fishermen.

Meet the author Tom Quinn

Freelance journalist and author Tom Quinn has written for a number of national magazines and newspapers including the Times, Telegraph and Daily Mail. He was formerly Assistant Editor of Trout & Salmon magazine and editor of The Countryman.

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