Barking Mad

Two Centuries of Great Dog Stories

Tom Quinn



ISBN: 9781846892097


CATEGORY: Country Interests

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 208 pages

Also available as: Ebook

Barking Mad taps into the passion for dogs by bringing together a unique collection of extraordinary, touching, and sometimes bizarre but true stories that all reflect our enduring love for man's best friend. These stories include a Labrador that saved its master from drowning, a hound that spent years traveling unaccompanied across England by train, and a pooch that carried a penny to the local bakery every day to buy its own cakes. Perfect gift for every dog lover

Meet the author Tom Quinn

Freelance journalist and author Tom Quinn has written for a number of national magazines and newspapers including the Times, Telegraph and Daily Mail. He was formerly Assistant Editor of Trout & Salmon magazine and editor of The Countryman.

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