Crochet for Every Day

30 Gorgeous Patterns for Going Out and Staying In

May Britt Bjella Zamori



ISBN: 9781646011049

PUBLICATION DATE: February 14, 2022


BINDING: Paperback


Crochet is fun, engaging, and incredibly versatile—and no one knows that better than May Britt Bjella Zamori. Known for her vivid, dynamic color choices, her compelling design details, and the sheer variety she embraces in her pattern collections, Zamori has pulled together all the inspiration and instruction you need to create your own gorgeous scarves, sweaters, shawls, skirts, dresses, bags, pillows, and throws. You’ll find brilliant and undeniable style perfect for going out and about, cozy everyday wear that invites you to relax on a day in, and useful, usable essentials combined in a single stunning collection.

Experiment with all kinds of crochet techniques and stitches, including front and back post crochet, popcorns, bobbles, flowers, lace, and more; stay on track with detailed full-color photographs, charts, and diagrams, plus step-by-step instructions from start to finish; relax with something quick and straightforward, or stretch yourself with full-length garments shaped to a perfect fit. It’s all right here, at your fingertips.

Meet the author May Britt Bjella Zamori

May Britt Bjella Zamori learned to knit when she was four or five years old, and learned to crochet a few years later. In time, she became a test knitter for designer Tine Solheim—and then a test crocheter, too. Discovering a world beyond doilies opened her mind to the potential for creativity, colour and texture in crochet, and the inspiration for this book took root.

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