Carefree Crochet

50 Soft, Fashionable Projects That Make You Feel Good

May Britt Bjella Zamori



ISBN: 9781570768880

PUBLICATION DATE: April 10, 2021


BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 153 pages

Fall in love with the possibilities of dynamic openwork, play with yarn weight, and discover crochet that feeds the soul and catches the eye at the same time.

Choose from designs suited for any style or season, with options for a variety of skill levels. Get creative with colour and yarn choice, stitch and material: choose suggested alternative yarns, use your own favourite colours, and experiment with front and back post stitches, clusters, and chain loops. Practice makes perfect—try out complicated pattern stitches on smaller projects like hats and scarves, before moving on to test your mastery with matching coats and cardigans. And, of course, keep it carefree!

With step-by-step instructions, high-quality photos, and dozens of charts, you have nothing to worry about—you’ll never lose your way.

Meet the author May Britt Bjella Zamori

May Britt Bjella Zamori learned to knit when she was four or five years old, and learned to crochet a few years later. In time, she became a test knitter for designer Tine Solheim—and then a test crocheter, too. Discovering a world beyond doilies opened her mind to the potential for creativity, colour and texture in crochet, and the inspiration for this book took root.

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