A Pudding Book

Helen Saberi



ISBN: 9781900318303

PUBLICATION DATE: December 1, 2006

CATEGORY: Food and Drink, Gifts, Humour and Art

BINDING: Hardback


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If you keep this little book

In your kitchen for your cook,

No longer need you sighing say:

"What pudding shall we have today?"

This little book provides a delicious selection of classic, interesting and favourite historic sweet puddings.

Great Britain is renowned for its puddings in all their glory and variation and with each county having its own specialties, it is hard to define the term pudding as it can come to mean many things: from boiled and steamed to baked, bread puddings, milk, fruit and batter puddings, you'll find a wide range of desserts to suit any occasion or taste in this handy little book, such as rhubarb crumble, bakewell pudding, sticky toffee pudding, Hilda's bread and butter pudding, pear conde and many more!

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