Woodcock Fieldcraft and Quarry

Professor Colin Trotman



ISBN: 9781846890529

PUBLICATION DATE: August 5, 2010

CATEGORY: Management and Instruction

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 176 pages, 246 x 189mm

Woodcock Fieldcraft and Quarry is not just a book about shooting, but also takes a comprehensive look at, and contains a contemporary discussion on this fascinating species, drawing upon the advances in scientific research to reflect population numbers, migration and the effects of climate change. It is a beautifully illustrated roughshooter's guide, with stunning photographs, looking at the responsible approach to shooting woodcock. Not only will you will learn about the woodcock today, it's natural history, migration, fieldcraft and woodcock shooting, tools for the job and future woodcock, but there are also a handful of recipes included for you to bring from field to table, such as cockbean smoking and peacock soup.