Witness to Covid: 2020

The Diary of a Global Pandemic

Justin Stebbing



ISBN: 9781398112674

PUBLICATION DATE: November 15, 2021

CATEGORY: Country Matters, Environmentalism and Farming

BINDING: Hardback


On 11 March 2020, the WHO declared we were in a pandemic. Covid-19 was tearing through the world at an alarming rate and little was actually known about it, let alone how to treat it. The majority of us had paid little attention to the development of a new strain of coronavirus in China earlier on in the year; however, on 4 January 2020 Justin Stebbing, Professor of Cancer Medicine and Oncology at Imperial College, London, wrote an email to Niall Ferguson mentioning stories he had heard of strange cases of pneumonia emanating from Wuhan, China. He then began writing daily notes.

In Witness to Covid: 2020, Professor Justin Stebbing tracks the development Covid-19 over the course of this unforgettable year, navigating his way through the infodemic of misinformation regarding the virus. From the early onset of the virus when he tracked its spread and tried to learn more about it, the impact on individual countries and the introduction of contact tracing through to the development of vaccines, their clinical trials and eventual rollout, and their efficacy against the newly developing variants. This book takes a unique look at a truly unique year.