Will’s Pigeon Shooting

Will Garfit



ISBN: 9781846891236

PUBLICATION DATE: August 31, 2012

CATEGORY: Management and Instruction

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 192 pages

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Will Garfit is a renowned pigeon shot and his stories of all forms of pigeon shooting are well known to readers of the Shooting Gazette, for whom he has written a monthly column since 1994.

This authoritative book on how to shoot woodpigeons is an explosion of his enthusiasm and passion for the bird and the sport it can produce. He is not a professional pigeon shooter but likes to be known as an 'enthusiastic amateur'.

His first pigeon was killed with a catapult as a buy and he then progressed to stalking pigeons with an air rifle and .410, then to decoying using a 12 bore. His youthful enthusiasm led him to meet the legendary father of pigeon shooting, Archie Coats, who took Will under his proverbial wing and become not only a close friend but like a sporting father.

For fifty years Will has been developing his art as a pigeon shooter and this book shares the personal experience, thoughts and secrets that enable him to shoot consistently good bags. An amazing record is that when protecting crops over the past ten years amazing record is that when protecting crops over the past ten years he has averaged over 100 a day over 600 days. This book explains that this is not just luck but based on the sound principles of good reconnaissance, siting and building of hides, presentation of decoys and accurate shooting. All are covered in this book which is written in an engaging style and illustrated by his own watercolours and diagrams.

The whole book is creates a very connected and visual picture in the mind of the reader which will be sure to impart knowledge to the experienced or the beginner. Not only the facts and information but the accompanying stories lift this book from a 'How to do it' to a 'How can you really do it'.

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Meet the author Will Garfit

Will Garfit was born in 1944 in Cambridgeshire where he still lives. He developed an award winning (Laurent Perrier, 1988 – now the Purdey Award) site of old gravel workings for wildlife and game which became the subject of a book Will’s Shoot in 1993, later as Will’s Shoot Revisited in 2005. He is well known to readers of the Shooting Gazette for whom he has written a monthly column on pigeon shooting since 1994. As a sporting artist he has been an exhibitor at the Tryon Gallery since 1981 and an illustrator of over thirty shooting and country sports books. He has appeared in the Top Ten Shots in various magazines and has sat on the Countryside Alliance Conservation and BASC Game Shooting committees.