Wayward Daughter

Sarah Churchill and Her World

Miranda Brooke



ISBN: 9781398107403

PUBLICATION DATE: August 15, 2021

CATEGORY: Biographies

BINDING: Hardback


Sarah had the Churchill Factor. Guts. Determination. The same willingness to go against the grain shown by her father, arguably Britain’s greatest wartime prime minister.

An intelligent woman who enjoyed a career in show business and a rebellious personal life before supporting the Second World War effort by joining the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, Sarah was there during Britain’s darkest hour and her story reveals a complex character who answered the call of duty when her country, and her father, needed her most. Erudite, lively and utterly unsinkable, Sarah was the child who most resembled her father; here, Miranda Brooke explores the dynamics of this fascinating father-daughter relationship and shines a light on the causes and effects of Sarah’s troubled personal life.

Based on significant original research carried out across four continents, including almost a hundred new interviews, this first biography of Sarah Churchill is a definitive work, and offers a fascinating new perspective on both her life and that of her iconic father.