Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook

The Complete Guide to Drying Food

September Ferguson, Steven Gangloff and September Ferguson



ISBN: 9780811713382

PUBLICATION DATE: September 15, 2014

CATEGORY: Food and Drink

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 366 pages

Everything one needs to know to dehydrate like a pro. Dehydrating is the ultimate way to store food. Not only can you stock your pantry with delicious, nutritious food for just pennies, you can eliminate waste and preserve nutrients.

Dehydrating food allows you to store food with no preservatives and no overprocessing, plus it delivers a longer shelf life than canning or freezing. This is clean eating at its best, without the spoilage and waste.
  • The complete guide to drying food plus 398 recipes
  • A-Z entries on how to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs, flowers, and nuts from apples to courgettes
  • How to use the dehydrator to make jerky, fruit leathers and roll-ups, crackers and just-add-water instant meals for home or camping
  • Includes recipes for cooking with dehydrated ingredients from soups to desserts, as well as all-natural baby food and herbal teas
  • Not just for cooking - making one’s own infused waters and oils, potpourri, dried wreaths and soap