Training to Win

The Complete Training System for the Modern-Day Event Rider

Caroline Moore, FBHS


(Not yet published)

ISBN: 9781910016442


CATEGORY: Riding & Training

BINDING: Paperback


A comprehensive guide for the modern-day event rider to support every stage of the training process from the early years up to the first 4*. The introduction gives a thorough vision on the crucial ingredients of what makes a champion at any level, whether it is the Badminton Grassroots, the Youth Europeans, or the World Equestrian Games. This proven and successful training system is broken down into three equally applicable sections: Training to Learn; Training to Compete; and Training to Win.

The reader will be taken through the four to five years that essentially it will take to produce the horse and rider partnership to a high level of performance. Every physical and mental skill required will be demonstrated by an exercise, which can be easily followed with tips on equipment required, setting up the exercise and relevance to competition.

This informative book will be a great support to the event rider, focusing on the three periods of the eventing year: the winter training period, the spring fitness period and the lead up to a championship or long format. There will be coverage on season planning, course design, performance profiling, goal setting and, most importantly, advice on how a rider can manage nerves in a competition environment. The book is packed with performance-enhancing ideas and for any rider wanting to improve their training system this is an essential guide to developing the confidence to succeed.

Meet the author Caroline Moore, FBHS

Caroline Moore is a Fellow of the British Horse Society and currently a British Eventing Youth Performance Coach. After stepping down from top level eventing, Caroline now focuses on coaching and mentoring riders for championship teams. Caroline has been instrumental in team and individual medals in Juniors, Young Riders and Seniors.