Training the Working Spaniel

Janet Menzies



ISBN: 9781846890703


CATEGORY: Labradors and Spaniels

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 220 pages

Also available as: Ebook


Training the Working Spaniel
makes it simple for anyone to train their working springer or cocker spaniel,
whether beginner or more experienced owner. This book starts from early obedience training all the way to competing
in working tests and field trials.

Those with more experience will
appreciate the detailed advice on advanced work in the field, rough shooting,
picking-up, and training as a peg dog. While first-timers will find plenty of help on how to keep a working dog
in a family home, as well as introducing their spaniel to a variety of shooting

Reflecting the huge popularity of the cockers, the author gives plenty of advice aimed specifically at cockers as well as springers. There is also information on the lesser-known spaniel breeds including Irish Water spaniels, Clumbers, Field spaniels, Sussex spaniels, Welsh springers and Brittany Spaniels

With unique access to the most successful
spaniel trainers, the author brings exclusive tips from the top that can be
used by any beginner. The book contains information on modern training in urban
environments as well as insights into elite spaniel work and gives guidance on
breeding your own spaniels. 


Meet the author Janet Menzies

Janet Menzies is a professional author and journalist who breeds, trains and works cocker spaniels. She is a gundog and shooting correspondent for The Field magazine and writes a monthly blog on gundog training for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). She has had success with five Field Trial Champions, the majority of which she bred herself. The best known is FTCh Gournaycourt Ginger, one of the most consistent cockers of recent years. Although cockers are her first love, Janet writes about all the gundog breeds and enjoys a wide range of country sports.

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