Training a Young Pointer

How the Experts Developed My Bird Dog and Me

Joseph Healy



ISBN: 9780811739122

PUBLICATION DATE: December 16, 2020

CATEGORY: Sight Hounds, Pointers and Terriers

BINDING: Paperback


With interviews and insights from longtime pointing-dog owners, trainers, and other experts, Training a Young Pointer is the story of a dog's early years, and shows how an owner selects a pup and finds a trainer, alongside a range of other hints and tips.

Author Joseph Healy brought his first bird dog home at ten weeks old but had no idea how to start grooming her to be a hunting companion. Conflicting advice from fellow dog owners and books that delved in-depth into the aspects of training an older dog led him to seek his own path.

Healy shares his personal story of raising his pointer, Reilly, through their third hunting season, recording the process of training his dog, first by himself and then with a professional trainer so that he could learn how best to train a hunting dog.

Entertaining and informative reading for all who want to own and train a great bird dog.

Meet the author Joseph Healy

Joseph Healy is an avid upland-bird hunter and fly fisherman. He has worked as an editor at US publications Outdoor Life, Fly Tyer, and Saltwater Fly Fishing and has written for the Miami Herald and other publications.