Think Like a Pheasant

Brian Mitchell and the Rise of the Exmoor High Bird

Brian Mitchell, Stephen Manning



ISBN: 9781846892004

PUBLICATION DATE: September 8, 2014

CATEGORY: Gifts and History

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 216 pages

A fascinating and comprehensive autobiography on Brian Mitchell and his philosophies towards gamekeeping and countryside management — his once controversial views on pheasant rearing and cover crops are now accepted worldwide. 

Think like a Pheasant covers his early working life from under keeper on the Sherborne Estate through to the great Exmoor shoot of Miltons where Brian saw the potential of the shoot to produce the now renowned Exmoor High Bird. It discusses his move to Castle Hill, the many challenges he has faced there and the development of the shoot over 25 years. 

Mishaps and successes are chronicled and each chapter is littered full of anecdotes — many of them humorous — and laced with the names of characters from the world of shooting. 

With an introduction by David Clark, Head Keeper of Her Majesty's Estate at Sandringham, anyone owning or running a shoot will find Think Like a Pheasant and the author's philosophy towards gamekeeping both inspirational and educational.

Meet the author Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell is a founding member of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation and internationally renowned Head Keeper at the Castle Hill Estate in Devon. He built the Estate’s reputation as one of the most respected shoots in the world. He has been a gamekeeper all his working life and introduced the concept of the Exmoor High Bird, first at Miltons, then at Chargot, Challacombe and Bulland, which transformed shooting on Exmoor and across the country.