The Weaving Handbook

The Art and the Craft: Theories, Materials, Techniques and Projects

Åsa Pärson, Amica Sundström



ISBN: 9781646010868

PUBLICATION DATE: September 23, 2021


BINDING: Hardback


A practical and down-to-earth handbook for all skill levels.

Designer and weaving expert Åsa Pärson and professional textile curator Amica Sundström have come together to create the modern reference book that weavers worldwide have always longed for—both inspiration and essential guidebook, for the novice and the experienced weaver alike, filled with engaging sample projects, in-depth discussions of techniques and materials, review of cloth textures and types, and explanations of weaving methods and levels of quality.

  • Try out sample projects ranging from the elegantly simple to the increasingly complex, covering a wide range of weaving techniques
  • Understand the principles behind the arrangement and preparation of the loom
  • Learn about weaving tools of all shapes and sizes, and how to use them
  • Discover the differences between various fibers and fabric types, and their looks, feels, and visual effects
  • And so much more!

Meet the author Åsa Pärson

When designing textiles Åsa Pärson is reductive in her approach, allowing only the essential elements to remain. Her designs reflect her preference for fixed structures and have a clean, simple, and timeless expression. She currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden.

Meet the author Amica Sundström

Amica Sundström is a textile aficionado at heart. She is well-versed within her field, with a wide scope and a lot of in-depth detail, especially within the weaving. Working at the Swedish History Museum where she works as a curator, in charge of the textile collections. She is a much-appreciated speaker within the field of textiles, and specifically prehistoric textiles and dress.