The Pigeon Shooter

The Complete Guide to Modern Pigeon Shooting

John Batley



ISBN: 9781904057512

PUBLICATION DATE: November 3, 2004

CATEGORY: Management and Instruction

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 140 pages

Pigeon shooting enjoys an ever increasing popularity and is still relatively cheap to practise. The bird is also a serious agricultural pest and the pigeon shooter is often welcomed by farmers.

Although the woodpigeon is not normally considered a sporting equal to the pheasant or grouse, it is a testing target that regularly outwits the finest shots. Above all, pigeon shooting is a hunt for wild game and the pitting of a hunter's wits against a worthy quarry.
John Batley is a leading authority on the subject of the woodpigeon and this book explains every aspect of pigeon shooting, including fieldcraft, reconnaissance, where to shoot, the best times to expect success and how to plan and execute a day's sport. The construction and practicalities of different types of hide are explained and the use of decoys and methods of luring the birds to within range are covered in detail.
In this second edition, practical advice on the selection of equipment and clothing is included together with an appraisal of the current legal position, the use of dogs, suitable types of gun and cartridge and technical advice and a personal review of the new pigeon magnet.

Meet the author John Batley

John Batley is a professional pigeon shooter and devotes his working life to the pursuit of his chosen quarry.