The Patterdale Terrier

Sean Frain



ISBN: 9781904057574

PUBLICATION DATE: September 23, 2004

CATEGORY: Dogs, Sight Hounds, Pointers and Terriers

BINDING: Paperback / softback

EXTENT: 224 pages

Also available as: Ebook


The Patterdale Terrier is an increasingly popular breed both as a pet and a working terrier. These fabulous little dogs have a passionate following here in the UK and America and, until now, little has been known about their origins. Sean Frain has carefully traced the history of the breed and the area from which they originated. He describes, often firsthand, their working ability and includes interesting anecdotal stories. The book covers owning a Patterdale as a pet, training from puppy to adulthood, and has a useful chapter on breeding.

This book is based entirely on the experiences of real terriermen and terrier breeders who have sought to breed this most useful of earth dogs, while at the same time producing a charming companion for the whole family.

Meet the author Sean Frain

Seán Frain has published over twenty books and writes regularly for The Countryman’s Weekly. He has written books for a number of different publishers, including The History Press, and also written true crime books. He lives near the Lake District with his wife and dogs.

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