The Mental Vaccine for Covid-19

Coping With Corona - A Guide To Pandemic Psychology

Dr Raj Persaud



ISBN: 9781398110496


CATEGORY: Amberley Publishing, Country Matters, Environmentalism and Farming

BINDING: Hardback


For all the horrifying statistics of the number infected by COVID-19, multiply by a factor of 20 to approximate how many worldwide are suffering stress, depression, relationship breakdown and even suicide, as a direct consequence of Coronavirus. In this straight-talking, pragmatic, but hard-hitting exposé, practising psychiatrist Raj Persaud argues for simple, yet powerful, mental strategies to immunise individuals against the panic of the pandemic. For all the lip-service played to the importance of well-being, just why have the known strongest injections of inspiration remained shielded from the public?

As well as a how-to guide, the author offers some fascinating insights into just what's been going on. Trump, Boris Johnson, and senior officials like Dominic Cummings appeared to act increasingly bizarrely. Did the strain infect the inner workings of governments around the world? Did those in command go a bit ‘corona crazy’? Exactly why did the UK Health Minister Matt Hancock cry on camera? Learn how to master boredom, loss, scams, excessive hand washing, intimate relationships, chronic worry and the media hype.