The Instinctive Shot

The Practical Guide to Modern Game Shooting

Chris Batha



ISBN: 9781846891113

PUBLICATION DATE: March 30, 2012

CATEGORY: Management and Instruction

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 208 pages

The Instinctive Shot is a practical, straight-forward manual on how to become a better game shooter. The author gives step-by-step explanations of the correct shooting action needed to build a consistent swing and balanced move to the bird, regardless of species or type of shooting  — the essential sequence of Eye — Brain — Hand synchronisation that creates an Instinctive Shot.

For Chris Batha, this is a compilation of information and experiences gleaned from his life-long passion for game shooting. His advice is easily understood and alternative suggestions are offered wherever possible. Both clear and concise, The Instinctive Shot emphasises the practical, while not forgetting the theoretical. 
This book not only describes 'how to shoot', but it is a reference book covering all aspects of world-wide game shooting from guns, quarry and equipment to etiquette and attire — this is a volume for the game wing shooter to refer to time and time again.

Meet the author Chris Batha

Chris Batha is the Senior Instructor and Gunfitter for London Gunmakers E. J. Churchill.

He has over thirty years wing and competition clay shooting experience worldwide and a life long passion for fine guns.

Chris is considered one of the highest qualified and most experienced shooting instructors in the world today.

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