The Handy Book of Horse Tricks

Easy Training Methods for Great Results

Sigrid Schöpe



ISBN: 9781570769016

PUBLICATION DATE: January 9, 2019

CATEGORY: Riding & Training

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 80 pages

Over the past two decades, trick training for horses has become immensely popular; not only do a number of top horsemen and women tour the world performing in front of huge audiences, but more and more riders—both competitive and recreational—appreciate that varying a horse’s work and training routine is crucial to ensuring a willing, athletic partner capable of performing their best. Groundwork and trick training specialist Sigrid Schöpe has found both great success and reward teaching her own horses tricks, ones which they enjoy doing as part of their regular groundwork and under-saddle schooling routines. Here she shares her techniques, ones which utilise positive, conscientious methods that are easy to follow—and a whole lot of fun! By following Schöpe’s simple step-by-step advice, paired with clear colour photographs, readers will find their horses learning over 20 of the world’s most popular tricks in no time. These include: bowing, kneeling, lying down, sitting, rearing on command, performing the Spanish walk, standing on a pedestal, taking a blanket off, crossing their legs, carrying a lead rope, stacking cones, playing football, and more! This handy guide is not only sure to improve connection and partnership between horse and handler, but it’s a great way to bring light-heartedness and fun to every stable.

Meet the author Sigrid Schöpe

Sigrid Schöpe has been riding for over 40 years, focusing intensely on natural horsemanship, groundwork, and trick training. She has a background in both classical dressage and Western riding, but enjoys work on the ground and at liberty the most. She is based in Germany and teaches clinics internationally. Schöpe is the author of ‘Training and Riding with Cones and Poles’.