The Great Shoots

Britain's finest shooting estates — past and present

Brian P. Martin



ISBN: 9781846892783

PUBLICATION DATE: November 8, 2018

CATEGORY: Gifts and History, Shooting Books

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 288 pages

Now in its Third Edition, The Great Shoots continues to be unique in the history of sporting literature: the first and only book to ever embark on a comprehensive survey of the game-shooting scene, both as it was and as it stands today. In this new and revised edition the fascinating story is brought right up to date. Many of the shoots chosen are owned by the rich and famous, and Brian Martin here provides a rare insight into their social lives; providing fascinating comment on their own estates and on shooting generally.

Before detailing the history and present sport of each estate, region by region, the author sets the scene by outlining the history of game shooting in Britain: the changing attitude of society; how economics have played an increasingly important part; how the popular press has perpetuated an often inaccurate image, how technical developments have shaped both gun-making and game rearing; and much more. The inter-relationship between shooting and conservation, and the important contribution to the general welfare of our flora and fauna by the overwhelming majority of shoot proprietors, are given special attention.

This superb volume has become the established celebration of the gameshooting world today.

Meet the author Brian P. Martin

Brian P. Martin is among Britain’s most successful country and natural history writers. He has written over twenty-five books to date, including the bestselling Tales of the Old Gamekeepers. Brian has contributed to numerous magazines including his weekly column Rusticus which ran in the Shooting Times and The Countryman.