The Airgunner’s Companion

A Field Guide to Hunting with Air Rifles

J D J Braithwaite



ISBN: 9781846893018


CATEGORY: Management and Instruction, Shooting Books

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 208 pages

Also available as: Ebook


Being an effective hunter with a modern precision air rifle requires;

  • being suitably well informed about the intended quarry species,
  • have a wealth of knowledge concerning different hunting methods,
  • a detailed understanding of how their air rifle performs, and know how to maximise its attributes to optimise efficacy in the field, and
  • a level of proficiency in shooting an air rifle.

The Airgunner's Companion: A Field Guide to Hunting with Air Rifles, provides the reader with the fundamental knowledge necessary to be an effective hunter. With detailed discussion about the different types of airgun and selecting additional shooting equipment (such as telescopic sights, moderators, laser range finders, etc). Chapters include how to use camouflage effectively, manage serious vermin control and conservation projects, stalking, lamping rabbits, how to decoy woodpigeon and corvid species to the ground, hunting around farmyards and woodland and a dedicated section on the effective control of grey squirrels.

The book unites the latest developments in airgun technology, tried and tested methods for hunting, and the latest scientific knowledge concerning animal behaviour.


Meet the author J D J Braithwaite

Growing up in the Lake District, J.D.J Braithwaite’s passion for hunting and conservation began as a small boy watching his father bring home rabbits for the table and the freezer. Thus began a life long journey into hunting humanely with airguns. As a published scientist, the author brings his scientific and analytical approach to hunting with air rifles to help ensure success in the field. A respected countryman, he enjoys the trust and support of many farmers and landowners. With over 35 years experience of hunting with airguns, the author provides an authoritative insight into how to maximise the weapon in the field to help ensure optimal results.