Tails of Tottering Hall

Annie Tempest



ISBN: 9781846893223

PUBLICATION DATE: February 27, 2020

CATEGORY: Gifts, Humour and Art

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 104 pages

This book is another collection of Annie Tempest’s expertly-observed cartoons humorously depicting the archetypical English upper-class, following spirited traditionalists Dicky and Daffy Tottering, who reside in their lavish yet dilapidating ancestral home, Tottering Hall, together with their adored and exceedingly-spoilt dogs, affectionately named Slobber and Scribble.

Daffy is a redoubtable and, these days, lamentably-dying breed, frequently referred to as a ‘Country Lady’, while Dicky just lives in another era altogether. Follow this endearing couple as they attempt to navigate an increasingly-modernised world with their mischievous pooches, both of whom hold a firm place in their owners' affections, allowing them to wreak all kinds of havoc with minimal consequences.

Annie Tempest’s ability to comically depict the highs and lows of dog ownership is second to none — and stands as a heart-warming reminder that, despite muddy paws on the carpet and the occasional raiding of the fridge, we will love them all the same.

The cartoons in this book are sure to resonate with all dog owners as they compare the foibles of black Lab Slobber and working cocker Scribble to the eccentricities of their own treasured pets.

Even if you’ve never had the pleasure of encountering these characters before, one cannot fail to be amused by these beautifully-executed cartoons.

Meet the author Annie Tempest

Annie Tempest is one of the top cartoonists working in the UK. This was recognized in 2009 with the Cartoon Art Trust awarding her the Pont Prize for the portrayal of the British Character. Annie’s cartoon career began in 1985 with the success of her first book, How Green Are Your Wellies? This led to a regular cartoon, ‘Westenders’ in the Daily Express. Soon after, she joined the Daily Mail with the ‘Yuppies’ cartoon strip which ran for more than seven years and for which, in 1989, she was awarded ‘Strip Cartoonist of the Year’. Since 1993 Annie Tempest has been charting the life of Daffy and Dicky Tottering in Tottering-by-Gently – the phenomenally successful weekly strip cartoon in Country Life.

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