Stalking Muntjac

A Complete Guide

Graham Downing



ISBN: 9781846891854

PUBLICATION DATE: September 18, 2014


BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 192 pages

Stalking Muntjac will give you a better understanding of this fascinating species. It details how to manage its population in a responsible and humane way.

Graham Downing shares his knowledge of the origin and spread of Muntjac. He tells us about their natural history and how they were introduced to Britain from their native China. This happened in the nineteenth century and they have spent the past hundred years colonising southern and eastern England. The success of the Muntjac population has been phenomenal. This has sometimes brought it into sharp conflict with those making a living in the countryside — conservationists and road users alike. As there are no natural predators to control their numbers, muntjac numbers need to be managed.

To the deer stalker this presents a new sporting opportunity, for though they may be the smallest of our deer species, muntjac are nonetheless a challenging and absorbing quarry to hunt. Downing covers the pursuit of muntjac on foot, the use of high seats and calls, and even the rare opportunity to stalk barking muntjac by sound alone.

For stalkers who are interested in trophies, Downing offers advice on the preparation and measuring of heads. For those who enjoy locally sourced food, fresh from the countryside, one cannot fail to be enthused by his notes on muntjac cookery.

Meet the author Graham Downing

Graham Downing is a regular contributor to leading UK country sports magazines Shooting Times & Country Magazine, The Field, and Shooting Gazette. He edits Deer, the magazine of the British Deer Society and has contributed to articles in The Daily Telegraph, Country Landowner and BASC.

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