Sports Massage for Horses

Pennie Hooper



ISBN: 9781872119878

PUBLICATION DATE: February 6, 2006

CATEGORY: Care & Stable Management

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 60 pages

Horses, like humans athletes, can suffer from muscular stiffness, strains and injuries, all of which can benefit from well-applied sports massage.

Using simple massage techniques  namely, compressions and cross-fibre friction – Pennie explains that it's not difficult to give your horse a basic sports massage, given a little practice.
She explains how to recognise problems, through observing your horse on the move and by using your hands on his body. Clear diagrams and photos show where and how to apply the massage techniques to aid specific problems.
As a preventative treatment against muscle problems, Sports massage is second to none. Moreover, most horses really enjoy a good massage, just as we do, making them feel better and move more freely as a result.