Shooting: A Season of Discovery

Duchess Emma Rutland, Jane Pruden



ISBN: 9781846891465


CATEGORY: Shooting Books

BINDING: Hardback


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Co-hosting one of the country's finest partridge and pheasant shoots with her husband The Duke of Rutland, The Duchess (Emma) assumed she knew about shooting. Wrong. Talking to and watching every Gun, loader, beater and their dog - at their home, Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire - slowly exposed a gaping chasm in her understanding of the sport and its relevance to our countryside. Undaunted, in just one season, she set herself a herculean task to visit over twenty contrasting shoots including John Dodd's grouse moor at Glenogil, Lord Barnard's wild bird day at Raby Castle, Michael Cannon's partridge shoot at Stagfell, Caerhays for pheasants in Cornwall, wildfowling with Brent Pope in Norfolk, pigeon shooting with Will Garfit and western Ireland for woodcock. She spanned the far extremities of the UK meeting many dedicated people who are passionate about their sport. It was enormous fun but not without a few shocks and surprises. She learns that shooting today is as much about conservation, bio-diversity and the sustainability of rural communities as it is a fun and challenging pastime for the half million people that shoot game a year. It is also fraught with politics - a moot and pertinent factor that will shape and determine its future. She joins the Guns on all the shoots and goes behind the scenes to talk to the people that it make it happen. Crucially, shooting provides game meat. The book is peppered with recipes from generations of family favourites from Belvoir Castle's kitchen; cooked and updated by TV chef, Mike Robinson. Stunning photography, history, extraordinary anecdotes and accounts of some of the country's finest shooting will inspire and educate country lovers, shooters and cooks alike. This impressive hardback volume will be enhanced with photographs by leading country sports photographer, Charles Sainsbury-Plaice. The launch will take place in July 2012 at the CLA Game Fair, which is to be held at Belvoir Castle.

In stock

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