Rough Shooting

Mike Swan



ISBN: 9781846890109


CATEGORY: Management and Instruction

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 186 pages

Now in its third edition, Rough Shooting is both a practical guide to sport with dog and gun and also a celebration of the simple pleasures of informal shooting. In an age dominated by the organised driven shoot, the author reminds us of the quality and variety of sport which can still be enjoyed by the sportsman and his dog.

Rough Shooting is a clear and concise guide to all the principal sporting quarry species, to sporting guns and cartridges and to the choice and training of a gundog. Practical hints on shooting tactics are accompanied by helpful guidance on shoot management and habit improvement for game and wildfowl. Predation control is also covered.
Mike Swan writes about clothes and equipment and the section on Legal and Ethical Consideration has been fully updated. The use of decoys is covered and an Appendix gives details of field sports organisations.
The book is handsomely illustrated with photographs and original by Jonathan Yule, the noted sporting artist. Rough Shooting is an essential book for anyone interested in this field sport.