Rodger McPhail – An Artist by Nature

Mr Rodger McPhail


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ISBN: 9781846893278


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BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 160 pages

Internationally-renowned British sporting and wildlife artist Rodger McPhail takes a retrospective look at a collection of his drawings and paintings over the last twenty year. These works showcase his love and enthusiasm for the countryside, flora and fauna.

As a keen naturalist who has spent countless hours tracking and observing his subjects, this first-hand knowledge is displayed in his works. Rodger’s versatility is truly extraordinary – he is equally at home in watercolours and in oils, and a master of detail as his remarkably fluid and evocative paintings demonstrate.

To shed light on how he works Rodger has included a chapter on questions that he’s most frequently asked such as; How long does it take to paint a picture? Do you only paint when you are in the mood? Together with many stories about his life and art.

His work can be found in some of the most significant collections around the world.