Kamado Grill Cookbook

Foolproof Techniques for Smoking & Grilling, Plus 193 Delicious Recipes

Fred Thompson



ISBN: 9780811714686

PUBLICATION DATE: November 15, 2014

CATEGORY: Food and Drink

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 272 pages

Become the master of your Kamado with grilling expert Fred Thompson. With its distinctive egg or oval shape, heat-insulating ceramics, and airtight seal, the kamado is a smoker's dream, able to maintain low and slow temperatures for up to 12 hours with no additional charcoal needed. It's the 'set it and forget it' of smokers! 

In addition to smoking, grillmaster Fred Thompson has discovered that the kamado is a wonderful all-round grill. Its ability to maintain precise temperatures means it can take on most any task-grilling, roasting, braising, steaming, even baking – guaranteeing a succulent result infused with delicious smoke flavour.
The Kamado Grill Cookbook contains 193 lip-smackin'-good recipes for everything from brisket and pork shoulder to seafood, poultry, lamb, vegetables, and more. Explore the reaches of what the kamado can do: smoke your own bacon and sausage; fire it up for Bourbon-Glazed Bone-in Ribeye Steaks; feed friends and family with an Old-Fashioned Oyster Roast; or end a meal with a kamado-baked Pig-Picking Fudge Cake. Fred will get you started on the right track with Kamado Basics, a primer chapter on everything you need to know to get the very best results from your kamado grill.