Good Cookery from Wales

Lady Llanover



ISBN: 9781900318327

PUBLICATION DATE: December 1, 2006

CATEGORY: Food and Drink, Gifts, Humour and Art

BINDING: Hardback


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Lady Llanover was a leading figure in the cultural life of Wales in the 19th Century.

Her cookbook, The First Principles of Good Cookery, was first published in 1867, and we have taken her favoured recipes and condensed them into this book. Her instructions for cooking are rather elaborate, and it is rather important for the modern cook to realise that the basis of Lady Llanover's method was the use of the ffwrn fach, or double boiler, in which the food is placed in very little water in a tin pan which is then set within a larger iron one filled with water where it is then simmered — the effect of this method is to produce succulent meat and a flavoursome gravy or jelly.

It was Lady Llanover's chief concern to concentrate on flavour and thrifty use of materials, and the traditional recipes in this book are now considered classic Welsh fare, from chicken fricasse and stewed beef, to hashed mutton, Welsh toasted cheese, south wales salmon, roly poly pudding and more!

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