Finding the Missed Path

The Art of Restarting Horses

Mark Rashid



ISBN: 9781570767692

PUBLICATION DATE: January 17, 2017

CATEGORY: Equestrian Biographies

BINDING: Paperback / softback

EXTENT: 184 pages

Just like people, horses often grow up with 'holes' in their training and education. And again, just like people, they sometimes acquire undesirable habits as they mature.

Unfortunately, both issues are usually due to parallel holes and habits in the individuals who handle and ride them: inexperience, ignorance, or both can, over time, fracture a horse's confidence, leading to problems in the relationships he attempts to form with a human partner. When this kind of breakdown occurs, the horse may need to be 'restarted' — that is, given a second chance to begin anew. In order to do this successfully, his trainer needs to know how to retrace the steps the horse's education has taken, ready to find the path missed the first time around.Internationally renowned horseman Mark Rashid has made it is his life's work to pinpoint the causes of equine distress that perhaps make a horse's life in the company of humans difficult.

In this book, the first of the expansive library of books penned by Rashid to include dozens of full-colour photographs, readers are guided through practical steps for restarting horses, using Rashid's simple, quiet techniques derived from years of study of martial arts.And, in true Rashid storytelling style, dozens of anecdotes entertain while gently revealing important lessons integral to every horse person's journey.

Meet the author Mark Rashid

Mark Rashid is an internationally acclaimed horse trainer known for his ability to understand the horse’s point of view and solve difficult problems with communication rather than force. He has ranched for many years gathering herds, managing stocks and training horses whilst his clinics centre on one-on-one work with horse and rider and are immensely popular worldwide.