Dynamic Nymphing

Tactics, Techniques and Flies from Around the World

George Daniel



ISBN: 9780811707411

PUBLICATION DATE: December 8, 2011

CATEGORY: Fly Fishing, Fly Tying

BINDING: Hardback

EXTENT: 240 pages

In this book, Daniel shares details on tactics and methods learned from knowledgeable fly fishers across the United States, as well as from his competitors throughout many other nations, enhanced by own insights gained through experimentation and experience. Daniel gives a thorough explanation of the suspension system of drifting nymphs below a dry float or float, covering virtually every aspect: leaders, weighting, rigging, and how best to fish areas that are difficult or nearly impossible to approach any other way. He also provides comprehensive instructions on tight-line nymphing, a method of nymphing without indicators, from casting to maintaining line control from rod tip to nymph in various stream conditions, including glides, pockets, riffles and pools. To become a good nymph fisher, it is necessary to understand this aspect of the sport as well.

This book is a study of nymphing strategies: you won't digest the material in just one reading. It gives you thorough analysis of casting techniques, mending the line, and choosing the flies that can best produce for you if you fish them correctly, all presented in a technical manner. And finally, to paraphrase George Daniel, "This book is a melting pot of nymphing theories and tactics that will provide you with the tools to become a good nymph fisher."
If you are a serious student, the insights within these pages will help you catch more fish.

Meet the author George Daniel

George Daniel is the author of the bestselling Dynamic Nymphing (978-0-8117-0741-1) and Strip Set (978-0-8117-1297-2) and is a contributing editor for Fly Fisherman magazine. He is the owner and operator of Livin on the Fly, a fly-fishing educational/guide company based near his home in Lamar, Pennsylvania. George conducts fly-fishing seminars and clinics across the country and is an Orvis ambassador. He lives on the banks of his favorite trout stream with his wife and two children.