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Bruce Anderson



ISBN: 9781846893346

PUBLICATION DATE: October 13, 2020

CATEGORY: Food and Drink, Gifts, Humour and Art

BINDING: Hardback


Also available as: Ebook


Bruce Anderson’s bi-weekly Spectator column has become a hugely popular feature of the magazine in recent years.

Drink! is a selection of fifty-two of his favourite columns, commenting on social mores, politics or the feeling of the man on the street, and always written with a recommendation for a suitable alcoholic supplement to further the delight of reading Bruce’s work. This humorous, informative and entertaining collection will have wide appeal for those who find pleasure in the finer things of life – in particular, wine.

It includes an endearing foreword by former Prime Minister David Cameron, and features colour illustrations by cartoonist Lachy Campbell.

Meet the author Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson, the John Bull of British journalism, is a political columnist who has been a leviathan of the national press for almost half a century; a one-time Marxist, he built a reputation as the sword-bearer of the Right and yet was a staunch advocate of Remain.

Born on Orkney in 1949, Bruce was educated at Campbell College, Belfast and Emmanuel College, Cambridge where he read History.

As a journalist, Bruce has written widely, but most recently for The Independent, The Daily Mail, Boisdale Life and The London Magazine.

One time political editor of The Spectator and widely read blogger for the publication, Bruce is now one of the magazine’s most popular columnists as he holds court through the affable and enjoyable articles he writes every other week for Drink!