Brain Teasers for Dogs

Quick and easy homemade puzzle games

Christina Sondermann



ISBN: 9781846892721


CATEGORY: Care and Training, Dogs

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 112 pages

Also available as: Ebook

Challenge your dog with fun games you can try at home.

For a well behaved and happy dog, mental stimulation is as important as the daily walk. In this book you will find many creative brain teasers that you can implement quickly and easily at home and that really challenge your dog. 
Discover how much fun you can put into everyday objects and how small variations can turn even familiar games into a completely new gaming experience for your dog - endless fun is guaranteed!

Meet the author Christina Sondermann

Christina Sondermann, is an expert in everyday play opportunities for dogs. Her Internet project is an inspiration to thousands of dog owners in Germany. Her main focus is on finding easy to implement, suitable for everyday use game ideas. These training methods are both dog and human friendly.