BASC Handbook of Shooting

An Introduction to the Sporting Shotgun

British Association for Shooting & Conservation



ISBN: 9781846892486


CATEGORY: Management and Instruction, Shooting Books

BINDING: Paperback

EXTENT: 208 pages

Also available as: Ebook

"If you only buy one reference book as a shooter, make sure it's this one. It will be a faithful companion to you and your sport for many years."  — Sporting Gun
Designed for newcomers to sporting shotgun shooting, this Handbook of Shooting has much to offer more experienced shots too. 
It covers 
  • shotgun safety
  • the basic rules of gun handling in the field, while travelling and at home
  • parts of the shotgun and their respective functions in some detail
  • cartridges, and discusses the effective ranges in relation to particular quarry
  • the law as it relates to shooting
  • possession of guns
  • the game seasons
  • the schedules of protected birds
  • land-ownership
  • sporting rights
  • specific aspects of the sport — rough shooting, game shooting and wildfowling.

It also has chapters on behaviour in the field, the role of gundogs, the part played by gamekeepers in habitat and game management. There is comprehensive section on quarry species and their identification, illustrated in full colour.

Specially prepared by the association for use with the Principles of Live Quarry Shooting course, this book should give confidence to those new to the sport as well as encouraging high standards of sportsmanship and respect for the countryside.


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