Backpack Gourmet

Linda Frederick Yaffe



ISBN: 9780811713474

PUBLICATION DATE: March 28, 2014

CATEGORY: Archery, Canoeing and Climbing, Food and Drink

BINDING: Paperback / softback

EXTENT: 176 pages

Improve your backpacking experience by creating the delicious and healthy home-dried meals and snacks featured in this book. Easy to rehydrate in camp and lighter than lugging ingredients and extra fuel, these foods are perfect for backpackers. Updated with 20 brand new recipes, including Sesame Lasagna, Stuffed Cabbage Soup, San Antonio Special, and Backpacker's Cincinnati Chili, this new edition also has the most up-to-date information on dehydrators and stoves, water purification, and food storage, making it the perfect handbook for nutritious--and delectable--dining on the trail.- Over 180 recipes for casseroles, pastas, soups, stews, chowders, beans, pilafs, dried fruits, trail mixes, bars, and cookies- Tips on drying food in a dehydrator or oven- Includes vegetarian and low-fat recipes- Recipes so tasty that you'll make them at home too